Library ലൈ(ബറി

The library will be kept open on all working days from 9am to 4.30 pm.


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MANJU CS  Librarian Gr. III

There is a library attached to the polytechnic for the benefit of the students and staff. In addition to technical and non-technical books, a good number of magazines and journals are also available. Provision for reading inside the library is provided for the students to sit comfortably and study.

Books will be lent to the students after making necessary entries in the issue register. Two books can be taken by a student at a time.

On receiving the books, the student must satisfy himself/herself that the books are in good condition. If not he/she must immediately bring it to the notice of the librarian. Otherwise he/she will be responsible for the defects and damages found in the books at the time of returning the book.

The students are strictly forbidden to make notes or any markings in the book. No students shall depute another to take a book on his/her behalf.